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Marque : TOSEEK

Matière : En Fibre De Carbone T800

Extérieur : Noir UD+Brillant logo+Mat

Couleur : Noir

Poids : 200g(environ)

Pince Diamètre : 31,8 mm

Longueur : 400/420/440mm

Reach : 89mm

Drop : 128mm

Extérieur de l'Acheminement du Câble Couple de serrage 5Nm pour monter cette barre

  • Matériel: Le japon en fibre de Carbone T800
  • Drop: 128mm
  • couleur: noir
  • Utilisation: Route Vélos
  • Composants: Guidon
  • Extérieur: Noir UD+Brillant logo+Mat
  • Largeur: 401 - 500mm
  • Diamètre Du Collier De Serrage: 31,8 mm
  • Type: Route Guidon/A Plié Le Bar
  • Poids: 200g approx
  • Longueur/Largeur du guidon(C-C): 400,420,440 mm (C-C)
  • Atteindre: 89mm
  • Numéro De Modèle: 326884
  • Origine: CN(Origine)
  • Le Nom De La Marque: TOSEEK

My opinion: same shape (Reach, drop) as a handlebar of RXL.
가격대비 퀄리티 대박입니다. 무게도 가볍네요
I really like this; it's a beautifully simple, ergonomically sound design. The semi-flattened tops and the anatomic/ergonomic shaped drops both allow me (medium-large hands) a natural, comfortable grip. The recessed channels underneath the tops are effective at guiding and hiding cables. The relatively conservative design, without extremely thin 'wing' tops or radical sculpting (causing stress points) should make the bars inherently strong. The bars are fairly lightweight (201g for the 44cm) and the sizing is as specified. There are no markings to help align shifters or grip paint to help secure stem and shifters, but no big deal. The bars feel solid and the finish is excellent, although there's noticeable variation in the thickness of the carbon fibre at the bar-ends. I've only ridden this once, for 35km over fairly rough road surfaces and it felt fine, with no obvious flex (but no sprinting or riding out of the saddle). So far, so good, though time will tell.

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